Roses Frozen in Time Donna Perkins Wylie The artist, Donna Perkins Wylie, lives with her husband and cat in their
country home above the Snoqualmie River northeast of Seattle.

Jesse in the Garden Donna Perkins Wylie “I adore color and look to the colors, patterns and textures in the natural world for inspiration to try to express a fresh interpretation of nature’s essence. My desire is for the completed painting to offer a bit of a respite beyond the mundane.”
– Donna Perkins Wylie

“Donna’s paintings are alive. I’m aware of the intensity of study and practice behind them, but something more seems to emerge, something magical and fresh, unique....”
Peg Ferm, Monroe, WA

"Donna painted Northwest Cottage Garden from underneath our cedar tree. She has the artistic ability to capture the mood of a setting, and our watercolor eloquently blends the garden’s bucolic charm and serenity by integrating all images within view and not allowing any single image to dominate the scene."
Bob Williams and Debbie Hill-Williams, Mercer Island, WA

"I have been collecting Donna’s work for years. I am pleased by the influences of post-impressionism on her work as she continues to evolve."
Judith Hitchcock,  Salisbury, NC

Northwest Cottage Garden Donna Perkins Wylie